Curio Critique # 1: Whither learning without a book!

Curio Critique # 2: A reference to sanitation in the University Convocation Address!
July 16, 2017
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Sl. No. Curio Book Title Year of Publication
1 Special Report on Certain Points Connected With Elementary Education in Germany, Switzerland and France 1886

Curio Book


Curio reference

P 15 of the book makes a reference to the supply of books for children who cannot afford to buy them.

Related references

The United Nations set up years later also advocated the supply of text books for children:
Many developing countries found it essential to supply free books for children. For instance in Kenya until 2002 students were required to pay school fees to attend school. In January 2003, a new government policy eliminated fees, which had amounted to approximately US$4 in the Busia area, and also provided basic textbooks.
In Kerala state, supply of free textbooks continue even today: Here is a screen shot of the website of the department of General Education:
A research article on the role of textbooks in teaching and learning in the UK published in 2006 found that :

While students find textbooks helpful, the books are no longer the lynchpin of university learning materials; they are now just part of a wider mix of learning resources that include on-line journals, VLEs, and custom-published materials

Curio Quest Plans are in the pipeline for supplying free Tablets to students in schools. Has the time come for abandoning the supply of free textbooks?

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