Curio Critique # 11: Schools and Politics

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July 16, 2017
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July 16, 2017
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Sl. No. Curio Book Title Year of Publication
11 Indian Education-A Monthly Record Vol.VI August 1907-July 1908 1908

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The existence of the student’s representative Council in the 1880’s and the formation of the National Union of Students in 1921 are evidence of student politics in the United Kingdom..But in British India, students were forbidden to engage prominently in any public movement. The following orders issued by the Government of Madras is quite revealing:

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We know that students had played a major role in the struggle for Indian independence. For instance, when Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign against the Rowlatt Act 1919 and the Jallianwalla atrocities, students participated in large numbers. When called upon by Gandhiji, students boycotted schools and colleges and mobilized against the British rule.
In recent times, stating his opinion on campus politics Justice VR. Krishna Iyer (1915-2014) observed:
The ignorance of politics among the masses of a country paves the way for the rise of tyranny and the fall of democracy. The right to govern belongs to every citizen and so political science, knowledge of which ultimately secures for the citizenry justice, liberty, equality, dignity of the individual and the integrity of the nation, can never be alienated from the concern of the community. It is a grave default, therefore, to deny to the population at any level the right and, indeed, the duty to acquire a basic knowledge of local, national and global political forces. It is a gravamen of injustice and goofy understanding of public affairs to command that political science shall be anathema in a college campus since, in the last analysis, such allergy amounts to an advocacy of political illiteracy, social insensitivity and cultural philistinism...
Curio Quest What are the arguments for and against politics in campuses in the 21st century?

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