Curio Critique # 4: Women studying in a Men’s Only University!

Curio Critique # 3: A separate education for the sexes!
July 16, 2017
Curio Critique # 5: The British interest in art education
July 16, 2017
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Sl. No. Curio Book Title Year of Publication
4 Journal of Education- A Monthly Record And Review January to December 1897 Vol. XIX 1897

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A letter to the editor of The Journal of Education expressed apprehension about women acquiring a degree from Cambridge University in the following words: “Cambridge is a university founded for men and however much it may benefit women to have membership of this University, if that will injure men’s interests it ought to be opposed...”

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Women have excelled in several fields and today The Cambridge University website has a special page “The Meaning of Success: Insights From Women at Cambridge”
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Interestingly enough, women have excelled in sports too. For instance, the Cambridge University Women’s Rugby Football team created history by beating Oxford University 52-0.
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The apprehension of the writer of the letter to the editor of the Journal, a century ago is beginning to bear a kind of foreboding. An article in the Daily Mail Online (24 May 2014) has a bizarre title: ‘Why do my fellow female students join The Harlots and dress in tiny pink hotpants’... and has a rather unpalatable image of female students at Cambridge licking ice-cream off the bodies of male students in a raucous drinking game!
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Curio Quest How have women fared in universities? Can equality of the sexes and student rights be properly balanced?

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