Curio Critique #24: War and the teaching profession

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July 17, 2017
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July 17, 2017
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Sl. No. Curio Book Title Year of Publication
24 The Spectator-A Weekly Review of Politics, Literature, Theology and the Art 1916

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By 1916, the general public in Britain were experiencing the hardships which a war brings in its wake. A ‘Letter to the editor’ section of the 1916 edition of The Spectator had one slot reserved for war related themes and a particular letter referred to the military service of teachers.

Related references

Artists in war torn countries have explored the problems that children and teachers face. The award winning film,
Turtles Can Fly (2004) for instance, follows the lives of a group of children living in the Iraqi-Turkish border.
The link below leads to a clip from the film:
This following image is not from a feature film, but a video on teaching photo journalism in a war-torn country:
In 2015, the Sri Lankan government made a significant announcement:
In 2014, in India, a Bill calling for compulsory military training for youth was voted out by the Rajya Sabha.
Curio Quest Is compulsory military training relevant now in India ?

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