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This Blog has extracts from 25 different antique books published between 1886 and 1917 available in the Library collection of the Government College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram.

Each Blog post has :

1. https://flexmarkdrugs.com Curio critique - a title capturing the content of the antique book article chosen.

2. https://flexmarkdrugs.com/ishimbay.html Curio Title- A snap shot of the cover/first page of the antique book.

3. follow link Curio reference- A snap shot of the relevant page from the antique book from which a representative article that rouses reader curiosity even after one hundred years.

4. The Curio reference is immediately followed by Related references which throw more light on the ‘Curio reference’ . For this, relevant articles, events, references and comments are cited by the investigator with the hope that it would aid scholars and readers better appreciate the significance of the ‘Curio reference’ in the antique book .

5. The Blog post ends with Curio Quest in which the investigator poses unanswered questions for future research which interested scholars may undertake.

The 25 Blog posts have more than 50 references providing links to related articles, images from several sources and nearly 40 snap shots of pages from the antique books which makes the posts rich in terms of content and visuals.

Do feel free to offer your comments….

July 16, 2017

Curio Critique # 1: Whither learning without a book!