The Project

Curator Pedagogue


Regenerating Knowledge Online

 Through Selective Digitizing of

 Antique Books Content


 UGC funded Minor Research Project

[Approval Letter No. 2351-MRP/15-16/KLKE031/UGC-SWRO) Dated  25 April 2016]

Principal Investigator: Dr.C.Praveen

Faculty, PG Department

Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala State Pin 695 014


The Project

The Government College of Teacher Education, Thvananthapuram   was established in 1911. The normal trend in the  college  in those days was to import  books  from England and  America both for reference and for  drawing new ideas  emanating on pedagogy.  This practice continued  until Indian independence. Though over the years the number of books in the library  grew, no additional rooms were  set up. The practical approach was to preserve new books regularly issued to students in  good book shelves and dump very old  books that are not issued to students in  discarded shelves.

In 1992,  when the Principal Investigator, was pursuing  a teaching degree,  in the college, he noticed a couple of good very old books. But  as per  existing rules very old books were not issued  to students.  The investigator’s  curiosity was abated in 2008  when  he was appointed  as  a faculty of the same college. Then began an earnest  exploration of the  collection  of antique books  in the  one hundred year old college library.  Though  the investigator could find several invaluable content in the old books, attack by  book mites  and the leaking  ceiling of the library had  already  destroyed several books. So  on behalf of the college,  a   proposal  was submitted to the   UGC  for  renovation of the library  and  for  preservation of the antique  books  under  the   scheme  for   funding   heritage  colleges.  This   proposal  however  did  not receive any funds.

So in  2015,   during the fag  end of his career,  the investigator submitted his first and only  research proposal to the University Grants Commission  to  selectively   digitize the   antique books content  of  the  century old Government  College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram.   This  received a favourable response even though the amount sanctioned was only one fourth of the original proposed.

As  only   a limited amount was sanctioned  it  prevented the investigator from getting services of outside agencies  for digitizing the antique books content.  So  during the  two consecutive  summer vacations  (2016-17 and 2017-18)  Dr. Praveen, the Principal Investigator  manually  searched, classified  and compiled  invaluable  content  for dissemination  from the antique books  collection. A selection of the  digitized content  is now being published in  this  specially created website  as  suggested in the  proposal submitted to the UGC.


I am greatly indebted to the University Grants Commission  for  funding  this project. I would also like to place on record my profound gratitude to the Principals and Librarians  who served the  Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, during the tenure of the Project for  providing necessary   assistance   for  completing the  Project.